How the Legend of the Ghost of Kyiv was Born

There is now extreme chaos between Ukraine and Russia. War has broken out for a few months and everyone in Ukraine is fighting for their own survival. The blue sky has been replaced by the smog because there is constant shooting both in the air and on the ground. In

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Post pandemic travel is increasing, but for how long?

Travelers are now back in the air as more and more countries ease their travel restrictions. The intriguing question is how long this will continue.  How the pandemic is affecting travelers The world almost stood still when the pandemic broke out in early 2020. Lifestyles changed abruptly as if we

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Why are airfares rising in 2022?

After two years of being cooped up due to the pandemic, the world is slowly recovering. This also means that travel restrictions are gradually being eliminated in most countries worldwide. Since there’s a demand for travel, this resulted in the rising in airfares. But the ultimate question is, why? Aren’t

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Rumors Surfacing On China Eastern Airlines Flight MU5735

China Eastern Airlines Flight MU5735 flight route and how it crashed China Eastern Airlines flight MU5735 departed Kunming Changshuis International Airport on March 21, 2022, bound for Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport. Due to the COVID 19 sudden spread in mainland China, this trip was temporarily suspended due to low passenger

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How Prepared are Asian Airlines for Mask Mandate Removal

Airlines from western countries are slowly easing COVID travel restrictions, what about different Asian airlines?  Wearing of Masks Masks were first mandated at the beginning of the pandemic, making travel a challenge. Each airline has its own rules to prevent the spread. But now that the world is slowly moving …

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Airbus vs Boeing : Which Is Safer to Fly in 2022

Airbus and Boeing have been rivals for years and will continue to stay competitive for a long time as the two biggest aircraft manufacturers in the world. The two companies are competing to be the best aircraft manufacturer and to be the leading in the aviation industry by coming up …

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Pakistan Pilot Scandal

What you need to know about the Pakistan Pilot Scandal

Earlier this year, ICAO or International Civil Aviation Organization resolved the investigation on Pakistan civil aviation over major safety concerns that emerged in 2020. But what is it and why is it such a big deal in aviation? In today’s article, we will take you back to 2020 to see …

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artemis 1

Artemis 1 : Get to Know NASA’s Ambitious Moon Mission

Undoubtedly, the mystery of outer space is what humans seek to find the answer as one day the Earth might not be enough for living in the long term and there will be no resources for us anymore. That is why the aerospace industry keeps developing and developing from time …

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Investing in technological innovation – the linchpin of sustainable aviation?

The global aviation community has committed itself to sustainable aviation over the next 30-odd years. It aims to do so in three main ways: investing in technological innovation, adopting Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF), and improving operational and infrastructure efficiencies.  A key thrust in the effort towards sustainable aviation is to …

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10 worst aviation accidents

Top 10 Worst Aviation Accidents in History

Earlier this year, a devastating aviation accident happened to China Eastern Airlines Flight 5735. The plane fell steeply and crashed onto the ground at high speed. The incident put aircraft manufacturers like Boeing on the spot once again after the malfunction on Boeing 737 Max that led to two plane …

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