Post pandemic travel is increasing, but for how long?

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Travelers are now back in the air as more and more countries ease their travel restrictions. The intriguing question is how long this will continue. 

How the pandemic is affecting travelers

The world almost stood still when the pandemic broke out in early 2020. Lifestyles changed abruptly as if we were trying to survive an apocalypse. There was even a point where no one was allowed to leave the house unless they have an identification card as a representative of a household to buy essential items. 

Travel was one of the hardest-hit sectors during the pandemic. Workers and travelers from overseas were somehow stuck or trapped outside their home countries. This is due to the fact that most international travels were halted.

As a result, many airlines had to downsize their workforces to get their finances under control. The same was true for other transportation services and travel agencies. It was a time when no one knew what to expect and clung to the hope that they could return to normal. 

The difference between travel before, during, and after the pandemic

Before the pandemic, about 1.5 billion travelers traveled from one country to another almost every year. Airports are often crowded with people rushing to catch their flights to get to their destinations. Whether for business or pleasure, travelers were always on the move. 

Back then, it was convenient and somehow affordable to travel from country to country. There were always special offers on airfares, travel packages that included airfares, and so many gimmicks that each airline would use to lure their potential travelers.

When the pandemic broke out, the airlines were hit hard because they depend on travelers for their revenue. Airlines have had to reduce the number of routes their planes fly. Even worse, they have to get rid of their flight and ground crews to cover the high expenses such as fuel and taxes. 

Many airlines have had to declare bankruptcy and even cease operations. Travelers were devastated and turned to their embassies for repatriation flights to their countries.

Today, in 2021, travel is slowly becoming possible again, but with restrictions as the vaccine is slowly introduced. This was one of the many requirements that travelers must meet in order to take to the skies and travel again.

Today, the majority of the world’s population is vaccinated and this has led to countries welcoming tourists back. With the easing of travel restrictions, we are now slowly returning to normalcy. 

Increasing demand for travel after a pandemic does not mean that the pandemic is over. It is still there, infecting people. This raises the question of how long we can continue to enjoy the freedom to travel without having to undergo quarantine and multiple PCR and/or ATK tests. 

Increasing demand for travel after a pandemic

There is a possibility that this increased demand for travel will continue to escalate as the world already knows how to handle travel during the pandemic. Case numbers will continue to fluctuate and it will take a long time for the virus to disappear or for us to become accustomed to it. 

This case is very similar to other historical pandemics and epidemics. The world panicked and eventually, people accepted the fact that the virus will never go away and got used to it naturally. 

How airlines try to cope with the demand for travel

Airlines are now back to serving travelers worldwide. There are some issues that these companies are facing amidst the travel demand. Flights are few and far between as many airlines have grounded some aircraft and laid off much of their ground and flight staff during the pandemic.

Due to the increase in travel demand, these airlines are now hiring more ground and flight staff. In addition, some aircraft are currently being inspected to determine if they are suitable to carry passengers. Finally, international and domestic flights are being diverted to control air traffic. 

Problems that may hold up travel

It is known that with Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, fuel prices have skyrocketed, making travel more expensive. Aside from that, the pandemic is caused by an evolving virus that is still circulating and has the potential to mutate. Right now, there are ten variants being closely monitored and two variants that we need to be concerned about. 

Vaccines have been launched since 2021, but that does not mean they can effectively eradicate the virus by boosting our immunity. These viruses mutate and there is a possibility that another variant can stop the spread again. 


Although travel is now back to normal, we still need to prepare for what may happen. Airlines have found ways to accommodate all travelers around the world. We must always be prepared for what will happen next because the future is unpredictable.

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