Rumors Surfacing On China Eastern Airlines Flight MU5735

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China Eastern Airlines Flight MU5735 flight route and how it crashed

China Eastern Airlines flight MU5735 departed Kunming Changshuis International Airport on March 21, 2022, bound for Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport. Due to the COVID 19 sudden spread in mainland China, this trip was temporarily suspended due to low passenger numbers. The last contact with the aircraft was lost as it passed over the city of Wuzhou. 

The aircraft was able to reach a cruising altitude of 29,100 feet before experiencing a slight descent at 27,025 feet. It eventually plummeted downward and was able to intercept and climb from 7,400 feet to 8,900 feet, where the aircraft managed to wobble within that altitude. From there, the aircraft experienced a nosedive at a speed of 3,100 feet/minute, where it reached a final recorded altitude of 3,225 feet. The crash site was a couple of feet from its last 

Residents near the crash site heard a loud explosion and the crash was filmed by a security camera from a local mining company. China Eastern Airlines flight MU5735 was a wreck and many parts of the plane were scattered in the area.


Rumors have surfaced about China Eastern Airlines Flight MU5735 that the co-pilot may be responsible for the plane’s devastating tragedy. The aircraft nose-dived and lost its connection, air traffic controllers tried to reach the co-pilot of MU 5735. There was no response from the aircraft. Moreover, it is very suspicious how the plane could have crashed since it passed the pre-flight checks and the weather conditions were good for the flight.

The two black boxes recovered a few days apart contain important data that could explain the cause of the accident. Those boxes are now in the hands of the U.S. National Transportation Safety Board and the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration to uncover and recover the data, which could take weeks or days to analyze.

What does the Chinese government have to say about the rumors?

The Chinese government denies all rumors of the crash, saying the incident is still under investigation. The cause of the accident is not yet known, as data from the recovered black boxes containing recordings of cockpit voices, speed, the direction of flight, and heading are still under investigation.

Both the data that was recovered from the black boxes and the crash site are under investigation to determine the exact cause of the accident. So far, however, there is no clear evidence that could explain why this tragic event occurred.

How did the crash affect Boeing aircraft?

China has the biggest aviation industry than the US and is always paranoid about air safety. This incident is a total shock to the CAAC as they always ensure that each aircraft is properly inspected before it receives a go signal for it to take off. The last fatal plane crash was when Embraer ERJ190LR operated by Henan Airlines was caught on fire while trying to land on a foggy runway. This killed 44 out of the 96 people on board. 

These incidents have prompted CAAC to conduct a comprehensive pre-flight safety review of all its aircraft. Inevitably, airline ground and flight crews around the world are making this latest incident an issue that can cause trauma. The Boeing 737, also known as the Next Generation, is considered the safest aircraft among jetliners. However, Thailand’s CAAT has ordered a thorough investigation of its 26 Boeing 737-800s at five different airlines: Nok Air, Thai Lion Air, Thai Airways International, Thai Summer Airways, and K-mile Air.

How aircrafts are checked for safety measures?

Aircraft are routinely subjected to quality control inspections. These inspections are performed as often as possible to ensure the safety of everyone onboard the aircraft. The pre-flight check is one of the many inspection routines an aircraft goes through. During this procedure, the cabin, tail, right-wing, nose, and left-wing are checked. These are just the initial actions that make the aircraft airworthy. Routine inspections of an aircraft are performed either annually, quarterly or monthly – depending on the brand of the airline. In addition, these inspections vary depending on the type of aircraft. 

All types of vehicles evolve each year, and this includes all kinds of aircraft as well. Therefore, these aircraft inspections are important to keep all engines and mechanisms up to date and to ensure passenger safety.


Although China Eastern Airlines flight MU5735 passed pre-flight inspections, the cause of the tragic crash is still under investigation. Rumors are denied as there is not enough information to support them. Data from each black box is currently being recovered and examined. More information will hopefully be released by the Chinese government in the coming weeks. 

The number of plane crashes has been declining since 1982. This is a result of technological advances that make it easier for any pilot to fly an aircraft. This simply means that every plane is being upgraded to ensure passenger safety.

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